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In collaboration with IDEO London

A project imagining modifications that might enhance social interaction for the elderly.

This project was made for 'The New Old' exhibition for Design Museum London, the modifications take the form of daily physical reminders that they should engage in social activity. The work looks at the increasingly intrusive ways we allow technology to permeate our lives and body. And encourages us to consider the perceived role of the elderly in society and the pressures they face in being active members to the point of extreme. 

SPIRIT is a fictional device which manages social interaction through artificial intelligence, infiltrating all actions using new techniques and technologies. SPIRIT is designed as a technology that will help or benefit interaction yet the user allows their body to become the subject of decisions made by the machine. In effect replacing a part of the person's spirit.


Digital somatic interface:

A nanobot swarm in user's intestinal tract, delivering unobtrusive notification to user of valuable social contact

in proximity.


Neuro-augmentation Gateway:

Spirit's central control unit for processing biosensor, nanobot, online and environmental data, housed in the earlobe


Organic social interaction display:

A micro bio-display showing the user's physical human contact, over the past month

The exhibition also included film work, illustration and interactive elements which can be viewed on the idea website below

All images courtesy of IDEO

Other team members include:

Daniel Tauber

Javier Soto Morras

Ed White

Design Museum

Design Museum

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