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Dr. Agi Haines is an internationally exhibiting practitioner, researcher and lecturer whose research looks at the propensity for design to reevaluate the nature of the material of the body in the face of nascent biomedical and healthcare technologies.


She specialises in creating physical works using a mixture of traditional sculptural techniques and novel technologies. Questioning how people might respond to the possibilities of our body as another everyday material and how far can we push our malleable bodies while still being accepted by society? 


She completed her doctorate on “Ideas Exchange: Design and the post bio-tech-body” at Plymouth University with CogNovo (Marie Curie ITN) and Transtechnology Research after graduating from a masters in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art. Her inspiration comes from the weird and wonderful things that exist inside us. Questioning how our morbid curiosity for the viscera of life might affect the future of design, not only for the environment but also for us as sentient sacks of flesh within it? 

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