A drone that learns using a Artificial neural network based on the artist's brain data.

An MRI of the artist's brain was taken by neuroscientists at Erasmus MC Rotterdam and coded into an algorythm that learns about its anatomy and environment as the drone moves throughout the space. As the drone learns the network updates telling us how the plasticity of the brain might change if it was in a completely different anatomical structure.


The drone makes decisions based on comfort and curiosity, moving its wings to navigate. As it does so connections in the network alter their strength to replicate learning behaviour as it develops in the human brain.


Within the gallery a neural soundscape represents the most active nodes in the network and a live feed of the changing network itself.


In collaboration with...

Marcel de Jeu

Jos van der Geest

Sean Clarke

Jack McKay Fletcher

Christos Melidis

Vaibhav Tyagi

Marcel Helmer


Project funded by the Bio art and design awards.